STEP ONE: Determine if you qualify

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and identify as female. Applicants must have at least 5 visible modifications or a large tattoo piece that covers an ample area. We should be able to tell that applicants are modified in everyday clothing. Certain modifications do not qualify towards the minimum requirement: colored hair, dreadlocks, pierced ears (unless they are significantly stretched), modifications made through plastic surgery (such as breast implants), piercings or tattoos that cannot be seen in public. We reserve the right to decide which modifications are acceptable and to dismiss applicants based on lack of modifications.

STEP TWO: Get Connected

You must have a Facebook account since most of our online business transpires via Facebook groups. During the application and probation process, you will be required to friend request Board members from you chapter (if one currently exists) and The Modified Dolls Central Organization on Facebook. The first person you must request is President/Board Chair of The Modified Dolls, renae r. de Perio at

STEP THREE: Rules and Regulations

After your application is processed and accepted (this happens around the 1st and 15th of each month), you will be placed in a probation period within a Facebook group. You will be required to agree to our Rules and Regulations at that time. By applying, you are agreeing to complete a 30-90 day probation period with The Modified Dolls or your state chapter, if one exists, before being eligible for membership. We reserve the right to terminate applications at any time due to misconduct or should we discover an applicant does not meet our standards for membership. If accepted for membership after probation, you will be required to pay dues of $5 per month or $50 per year.

To agree to the above terms of this application, please type your full name. Your application will not be accepted without your name typed here:

Please complete this application honestly and to the best of your ability. An * denotes a required field.


Age (enter a number, i.e. 28, 33):*

State (Country if outside the U.S.):*

Your Facebook Profile link (not your fan page):*


Current Occupation:*

Current Number of Tattoos (enter a number, i.e. 5, 8):*

Other Modifications:

Other organizations you are a member of or involved with:

Please list any charities you support on a regular basis:

How much time you can give per month to attending TMD or chapter fundraising events:*

How much time you can give per month to recruiting for and promoting TMD or your chapter:*

Talents, services and skills you can provide to TMD or your chapter for the purpose of fundraising or promoting:*

Describe how you would handle conflict with another member:*

Describe your personal strengths:*

If you feel you have any personal shortcomings, things you are working on improving, please describe:

Tell us why you want to be a Modified Doll:*

E-mail pictures of your modifications to (Please make the subject line: "Your Name" Modification Pictures):

I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they may review my application.

If you have any issues filling out the application, please copy and paste the application from The Modified Dolls Facebook Page into an e-mail and  complete it. Send your submission to