Amanda Lee has been a member of the Modified Dolls since 2012. As a Military spouse, her family moves around often. She was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA and then spent 2 years in Fort Leavenworth, KS. When Amanda and her family arrived in WA state, she came across the organization while attending an event in Tacoma. Being that she knew nobody in WA, she quickly filled out an application and became a doll.


As a mother of 3, she was used to the disapproving looks from others when she was out and about with her children. Amanda Lee knew that it was time to work hard and take a stand to break down the stereotypes associated with being a modified woman.


Aside from charity work with the Dolls, Amanda Lee is a Girl Scouts Troop Leader, and a Cub Scouts Den Leader. She embraces her body modifications and loves that she doesn’t fit the picture of your “normal” scouting leader.

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