January 2018 Doll of the Month

Name: Shawna Patkowski
Doll Name: Bella Von Sparkle
Chapter: Arizona Chapter

My birthday is February 15th.  Day after Valentines day.  I think it’s why I have such a big heart!
My favorite charity is really hard to choose from.  I love Operatiom Marshmallow,  To Wrote Love on Her Arms, or American Cancer Society.
What I like about being a dolls is the support,  the love,  and the fun. When you get to know each other you realize how much you all have in common.
Interesting facts about me…

I love holidays,  animals,  people, old movies,  and a true romantic at heart.

Random Tid Bit:
I once had an entire ER staff come in just to take a look at my butt when I was 16. I sat on a pair of long sewing pinking shears all the way down to the handle.  Not fun or recommended.  😂 lol


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