Second in Command, Pennsylvania Tattoo Artist.

I became a Doll about a year and a half ago. I’ve always helped out where I can with different charities and events, Get On Board being my favorite! When I saw The Modified Dolls, it seemed a great fit. Group of positive women working to make a difference in our world, no matter how small, and the modified part was bonus! Our Chapter has, at the moment, 14 girls and a few in Probation. This is a great Chapter. We make sure to stay in touch often, help where we can, and even promote our “sisterhood” by having “Dolly Day.” One of the girls hosts and we get together and make crafts for events, giggle, and have a good time. I can say we are all friends, which makes our impact in events and what we do more powerful. Each girl really gives her all, and helps with events the best way she can. Our Chapter has done some awesome things to help others in need.

I am married to an incredible man, and we have an amazing little boy. My, very limited, spare time usually involves them, fishing, playing, going for walks, gardening, etc.

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