The Modified Dolls in the press. Click on the links below to read the stories.

The Burg – August 29, 2014: “A Doll’s Cause: For the Modified Dolls, it’s animals, activism & ink.”

Rapid City Journal – July 20, 2014: “Non-profit seeks to change stereotypes of those with tattoos”

The Weekender – July 16, 2014: “The Different Making a Difference”

Salem News – September 19, 2013: “Oregon’s Modified Dolls Help Fight Cancer with Charity Event” – February 4, 2013: “The Modified Dolls: Breaking stereotypes across the globe”

Lehigh Valley Live – January 31, 2013: “The Modified Dolls erasing negative stereotypes of tattoos and piercings through local charity work”

Tri-City Herald – August 30, 2012: “3 Modified Dolls Featured in Magazine” – March 15, 2012: “Modified Dolls: Beauty with a Cause”