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Sex Toys and Your Partner

Sex Toys and Your Partner

There are dozens of varieties of sex toys so there should be something that you and your partner can both enjoy.  Toys are meant to be fun and add some excitement to your sex life, especially when you have been together for a long time and have established trust.  You don’t need to use your toys every time that you have sex but they can make it more pleasurable when you do use them.

Fulfilling Fantasies

When people think of sex toys they often think of vibrators or dildos but they can also be something as simple as a costume.  Have a fireman fantasy then get your partner to dress up like one.  Role play is a fun and harmless way to add some spice to your love life. Other toys are there to bring pleasure to men such cock rings while others are built for a woman’s pleasure.  You can find toys that enhance the experience  for both of you and maybe try out some of those fantasies that we all have.

Talk to Your Partner

Before you come home after spending hundreds of dollars at the adult store you should probably have a talk with your partner first.  You want to make sure that they are as open to the idea as you are.  Having the conversation first can stave off any hurt feelings or embarrassment.  If your partner is open to the whole idea then you can take the opportunity to do your shopping together.  Finding toys together is just another way to bond and have fun.

First time Toys

An ideal first time toy for men is a cock ring, it fits around the base of the penis.  It can prolong erections and give the man a deeper and longer lasting orgasm.  For a first time toy for women, vibrators are the most common.  You can get a clitoral butterfly vibrator or the more traditional kind.  Find a toy that both partners can have fun with and there is nothing stopping you from buying more than one toy.

Sex toys are just some innocent fun and enjoying them is perfectly normal.  Talk to your partner and find out their thoughts and whether they are open to the idea off adding to your sexual repertoire.  If you aren’t comfortable going into a toy store then there are plenty of online sites where you can shop.  Packages are sent to you discretely so your neighbors won’t have any idea.