As Random Acts of Kindness week draws to an end, I sit here overwhelmed with admiration and inspiration. When I set out to start this campaign, it was my hope that the Dolls might inspire others. What I did not expect was that I would be the one that was inspired.

So many incredibly generous acts of kindness were committed. Many Dolls publicly shared on various social media outlets the random acts they committed. Then I noticed  that other Dolls were sharing their stories in private groups. Even within these private groups, they were hesitant to share what they had done. They were concerned that telling others would be misconceived as seeking praise recognition.

This got me thinking…

Does a random act of kindness remain selfless if it is recognized and/or praised?       Some would argue that recognition diminishes the act. However, I believe it does not reduce the true nature of an act of kindness. The mere fact that these Dolls did not want recognition even amongst their peers…even after we encouraged them to share their stories… this to me is proof that these acts remained selfless. To me, even for those that were shared… they are still selfless in nature. The Dolls gained nothing from committing the acts of kindness and nothing for sharing their stories. I lie… they gained my admiration.

The purpose of having the Dolls share their stories was not to glorify TMD. We aimed to spread goodness in a world that sometimes may appear to lack any. If through the sharing of the story, even one person is influenced to also commit an act of kindness, then we did good. But what if the sharing of the story created a ripple effect? One person commits an act of kindness, then influencing someone else and then the next and so on. Then we were highly successful. After all, the purpose of the Random Acts of Kindness Campaign was to spread kindness and positivity. In that I truly believe we succeeded.

I cannot possibly know the extent of influence the Dolls may have had, but I do know that they have inspired me greatly. As the Head Doll, I should be the mentor. Yet, this week I am the one who learned lessons in kindness and humility.  Dolls I am eternally grateful for all that you do. I am privileged to be amongst your peers.

Yours humbly,



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